NonCon 2015 & 2016 ~ The Conference for Non-believers

Grand River Secular Alliance hosted NonCon 2015 in Kitchener Ontario on August 22, 2015. Almost 300 non-believers gathered for this one day conference and heard 11 speakers address  Freethought and Freedom of Speech in Today’s World.

Armin Navabi, The Atheist Republic
Sandy Donaldson, Human Rights and Constitutional Law
Carolyn Hippolyte, Still Small Voices, Leaving Christianity
Ensaf Haidar,  Raif Badawi and free speech
Stephanie Guttormson, Richard Dawkins Foundation – Transgender issues
Panel of BlasphemyDavid Rand, Libre penseurs athées, Doug Thomas, Secular Connexion Séculière, Eric Thomas, Humanist Canada, Christine Shellska, Atheist Alliance International
Brian Dalton – Mr. Deity
Lawrence Krauss – Keynote: Why Scientists Must Speak out for Atheism

See pictures and videos from NonCon 2015 + hints about NonCon 2016


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