Approximately 24% of Canadians are non-believers.

So, if you are a non-believer, you are not alone. There are non-believers all around you and many are joining social groups like those shown on our front page. Each group has its own tone and focus, but all are welcoming and visitor friendly.

Whatever name you assign to your own version of non-believing, we want you to know that there are opportunities for you to meet and enjoy community with others who share a similar worldview.  

If you are part of a non-believer group not listed here, and your group would like to get involved with this alliance, please contact us. 

On the other hand, if you are a believer, it is highly unlikely that you have “never met an atheist.” You just don’t realize you have because non-believers seem just like everyone else, but are an invisible minority. Most of us don’t speak out against religion unless someone tries to push religion on us at public event, and we are generally law-abiding even though Canada discriminates systemically against us.* Nevertheless, we are here, and we like our community just as much as you do yours.

If you are beginning to explore options outside of church and religion, you are also welcome to visit and learn about our groups. We will answer your questions and treat you with respect.

Believers or not, people are happier when they belong to a group with similar philosophies. Life brings changes, happiness, sadness and even grief. Belonging to a social network of any kind helps people with these changes and challenges through celebration, networking, or commiseration.

The groups in Grand River Secular Alliance all welcome newcomers as visitors and members. Try us, you’ll like us.

We, too, are good without God.

* Freedom of Thought Report . IHEU and UN . 2013


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