Welcome, Fellow Non-believer

Here are the groups in Grand River Secular Alliance. Groups have their own distinct tones and focuses.

Click on their logos, explore their websites, and find a group that is comfortable for you.

Visit groups in person–all the groups welcome new members with a “try us, you’ll like us” policy.

Sofree logo 4 SSSlogo 2

Guelph Secular Humanist Society

SCSéculière web logo 150925Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 15.18.57


5 thoughts on “Welcome, Fellow Non-believer

  1. Would any of you folks be interested in starting a Secular Recovery Organization group as an alternative to AA/NA (12-step) groups? Our group in Ottawa is called Secular Recovery Ottawa (SRO) and we will be expanding to two nights a week in the summer. We are a real “grassroots” organization that helps educate and give those with substance use issues evidence-based routes to treatment. We may also soon have a Montreal branch. Our website is listed below, but we also have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/secular.recovery.ottawa and a Meetup page http://www.meetup.com/Secular-Recovery-Ottawa/. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Very new but not to atheism .Love to get involved with people with same non-beliefs .I am alone on this with a very Christian family

    • Hi Harold,
      Make sure you check out the organizations on this website (assuming your are in the Waterloo-Wellington area in Ontario.Take a look at Secular Connexion Séculière if you are looking for a real advocacy group. Otherwise, may I recommend that you go to The Secular Directory at: http://www.seculardirectory.org where you can search for local groups just by entering your postal code in their search engine.
      Regard, Doug Thomas, President, SCS

      • I too am new to this type of thing. Also not atheism, but rather being amongst other atheists in an organized type setting or group. I find that I am very passionate about being a non believer and am not sure if any of these groups are a great fit for me. Possibly but nothing is jumping out to me. I really can’t believe how strong religion still is today and how hard we have to work to Educate people. But we do have to educate people. I am firmly of the belief that religion is the biggest problem on this planet and feel we need to fight religion with fact and information.

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