The Boulevard

A modern house with spectacular views to the river and beyond.


Project Info

The house is situated in a unique and extraordinary location. Near the end of a cul-de-sac, it is set back from busy roads and is well protected from car traffic and noise. The house sits on a generous plot of land and enjoys a large garden. The entrance and central staircase create a clear spatial orientation for the adjacent rooms and open spaces, enhancing the flow of movement, both spatially and visually, throughout the house. From most rooms and, in particular, from the upper terrace, there are spectacular views south to the river and beyond.
The exterior elevations are a balanced composition of materials and textures, a studied arrangement of openings, highlighting the play of sunlight and shadow, an expression of clear architectural intention.
Generous outdoor spaces are integral to the design of the house. The cascade of decks, green roof, backyard and rock garden follows the dramatic pitch of the site, which drops over fifty feet from back to front. There is a large deck adjacent to the family room on the top floor, accessible through two full walls of retractable glass partitions. A large green roof is located on the second floor, the main bedroom level. The backyard is at the main floor level and can be accessed directly from both the dining and sun rooms.

Explore architectural splendour from new heights

On a perfect day with clear blue skies and gentle breezes, our talented photographer, George Papadomanolakis, embarked on a unique and exciting photoshoot with his drone. The location for the shoot was halfway up the hills of Westmount, where a surprisingly quiet street and copious trees provided a stunning backdrop.
As the sun shined, George prepared his equipment, ensuring the drone was ready to capture the beauty of the property and its surroundings. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and even the owners’ dogs were captivated by the scene and can be seen in the windows, mesmerised by the dance of the drone.
Equipped with a high-resolution camera, the drone hovered gracefully above the treetops, capturing breathtaking aerial shots of the luxurious home, verdant garden and pool. The photoshoot showcased the vibrant energy of the architectural composition and the spectacular views toward downtown Montreal.

Plan and sketches of the project.

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